Healing Mountain Trails

Low Impact Custom Trails

Professional Services

  • Walking and Running Trails
  • Horseback Trails ​
  • Hunting Trails ​
  • ATV Trails ​
  • Multipurpose Trails
  • Trail Design ​
  • Trail Building
  • Trail Maintenance
  • Woodlot Management

Custom Trail Construction and Maintenance

The Five Types of Trails

  1. Walking and running trails are similar in design and location on the land. Depending on the degree of challenge desired, walking and running trails often follow the path of least resistance, and are mostly smooth in nature. 
  2. Horseback trails are wide in design and require high clearance of branches to ensure safe passage for horse and rider. For the most part, horseback trails follow a path of maximum visibility. 
  3. Hunting trails are narrow in design, always keeping in mind the need to move undetected throughout the trail. The course of the trail is set in relation to the terrain for the hunter’s advantage.  
  4. ATV trails may be rough and wide in design and could follow any path, from fast and easy, to the most challenging. 
  5. Multipurpose trails follow the criteria for horseback trails, and may combine all of the above designs integrated throughout the length of the trail. 

WHy have a trail? 

Trails make the land proud of its owners!

  • Trails support a sustainable way to explore and enjoy the wonders of nature.
  • Trails offer safe access to your land year-round.​
  • Trails help preserve the land’s natural habitat for plants and animals. ​
  • Trails sometimes surprise you and reveal hidden views you didn't know existed on your land.  ​
  • Trails increase the value of your land and property.​
  • Trails provide an escape from the hectic pace of life to a spiritual world of peace, purity, and tranquility.