Healing Mountain Trails

Low Impact Custom Trails

Our Unique Approach to Custom Trail Building

Our unique approach to low impact custom trail design and building enables us to be light on the land, avoid cutting old growth and large trees, and minimize our impact on the land and its natural habitats. We use low impact tools in our trail construction, such as hand saws, pole saws, hand branch clippers, shovels, and rakes.  When necessary, we also use light machinery, such as brush cutters, chainsaws, and an ATV with a 2500 pound winch. No heavy machinery is used in low impact trail construction.

We cut all tree and branch debris and place it along the slope-y sides of the trail for erosion control. This also produces a flat and soft surface to walk on as organic materials accumulate against the logs on the slope. We cut remaining debris and leave it on the land to compost naturally. We can also chip or dispose of debris at the owner’s request. During trail construction we always like to share facts and information with land owners about their land’s history and the types of trees growing on their land.

Trail maintenance is recommended once every year, or as needed, and includes trimming overgrown branches and removal of the accumulation of fallen branches and organic material.                                                                                                                                                                         

Happy Customers!

"My grandson Levi is thoroughly enjoying the trail. After the last few rains, we found 30 or more red eff salamanders all over the trail - so fun. And Levi loves to climb all the rocks and find puffballs, and clean up fallen branches."

"Forest bathing today was perfect. The trail looks magnificent !  Made my evening walk. I did a small amount of rock balancing in the ‘ pine grove’. Thank you for a job well done.  I’ll probably contract you each year as long as I’m here.  So put me on the yearly schedule for May/June!"

Happy Trails!